We bring our research to life through our futures of work presentations. And we separate ourselves from the pack by asking the hard questions - So what? Now what? What does this mean for people leaders in the present?


We want to help people leaders make more informed and resilient decisions in the present.

Our presentations will arm you with key futures of work shifts alongside core futures thinking ideas that flip the way you see ‘the future’.  

We get practical with our research. We focus on the so what? Now what? Grounding our insights in implications that are relevant to people leaders, today.

  We’ve crafted a series of presentations covering futures of work topics, however, we also offer bespoke presentations tailored to your organisation.

Some of our previous presentation include*:

︎︎︎ Think like a futurist in an uncertain present

︎︎︎ How HR can leverage the future of work

︎︎︎ The big work shifts series (covering automation, climate change, social shifts, changing economics + the implications and opportunities for people leaders)

︎︎︎ COVID and the future of work - insights and implications

︎︎︎ Rethinking skills and learning - the key shifts  

* This isn’t an exclusive list of course, just our most recent work.
Presentations typically range from 45 mins - 1 hour.