We help leaders rehearse and experience the futures of work in the present, to shift thinking today.


Our futures of work sceanrios and experiments are where we experience the future in the present. 
We use sceanrios and simulations to help leaders reherse possible futures of work (or specific work topics), to stress current workforce + people strategies and to identiy potential challenges and opporutnities. 

We build bespoke futures of work sceanrios, relevant to a particular context or challenge. And we offer ‘ready to go’ (RTG) scenarios for more general use. 


Our futures of work experiments are where we take our research further. We create experiences, artefacts and even simulations so you can feel the futures of work in the present.

Our experiements range from small projects like a ‘gallery walk’ filled with artefacts from the future that surrounded the walls of executive workshop, to larger future of work ‘simulations’ and other immersieve experiences.