One-to-one tailored support working with you ‘inside the arena’ on the challenges you're currently navigating in you work, organisation or business.


For most senior leaders having the space (and safety) to learn, experiment, create and stress-test ideas in real time can be a challenge.

We’ve put together an offering for leaders that provides an ‘island of sanity and support’ for the work you do (or are tying to do).

Strategic sparring is 1:1 bespoke, personalised and deep support, working with you on your work challenges in real time.

It’s an artisanal offering to help stretch your thinking and see challenges from new lenses. It’s for leaders with high agency, but are seeking new ideas on pathways.

Strategic sparring is described best by noting what it isn’t - coaching and mentoring from the sidelines. Or generalised professional development consulting via homogeneous and ready-made advice and programs.  

Typically, we spar with individuals (or small teams) between 2-4 hours a month delivered in ways that suit you best. (Minimum three month sparring commitment).

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