Work Futures is the culmination of years of unlearning, relearning and experimentation by two curious minds:

Reanna... a post-grad trained1 and practising futurist with a focus on the futures of work (beyond the hype). She's the founder of Work Futures and has over a decades worth of experience in strategic workforce planning and organisational + workforce development and design.

Helen... one of the most experienced workforce planners in the country. It’s a career than spans 15+ years across a variety of senior roles within public, private and NGO sectors.  

Together we are something different.

Together we are a rare combination of skills, experiences, and perspectives that bring new thinking to old (and emerging) problems. A combination that offers value beyond industrial and professional sameness.

Together we've built a unique practice. One that rethinks many of the old workforce/people logics of the past, now losing fit for purpose.  

The intention for our work is to support courageous HR + workforce transformation leaders to ensure more resilient and preferred workforce and people decisions, today.

But we don't work alone.

We work alongside, with, and through a small group of brilliant artists, researchers, technologists, strategists, psychologists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs and (other) futurists. It's a hand-picked entourage of unique and unreplicable talent. Why? Because its 2021 and life+work demands more than the typical cut and paste services from the usual suspects. 

1. Reanna has two post-graduate qualifications in Strategic Foresight including a Master of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University and a post-graduate qualification from the Sunshine Coast University. She is also an alumni of the Finland Futures Academy Program.  


Reanna Browne
Founder & Work Futurist

Helen Finneran
Strategic Workforce Planner 



Adrienne O’Dell
Founder, Integrity & Impact Ventures Australia 


Ana Tiquia Founder, All Tomorrow’s Futures


Amanda Reeves
Founder, Wabi Sabi Futures

Taminda Polle
CEO, Transmogrify (Digital)