At Work Futures we’ve built a unique practice. One that rethinks many of the old workforce/people logics of the past.

The intention for our work is to support courageous HR, workforce transformation leaders and workers to ensure more resilient and preferred workforce and people decisions, today.

Work Futures is the culmination of years of unlearning, relearning and experimentation by many minds:

Reanna is the Founder of Work Futures...

She is a post-grad trained1 and practising futurist with a focus on the futures of work (beyond the hype). Reanna is the founder of Work Futures and has over a decades worth of experience in strategic workforce planning and organisational + workforce development and design.

But she doesn’t work alone.

She works alongside, with, and through a small group of brilliant artists, researchers, technologists, strategists, psychologists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs and (other) futurists. It's a hand-picked entourage of unique and unreplicable talent.

This entourage is rare combination of skills, experiences, and perspectives that bring new thinking to old (and emerging) problems. A combination that offers value beyond industrial and professional sameness.

1. Reanna has two post-graduate qualifications in Strategic Foresight including a Master of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University and a post-graduate qualification from the Sunshine Coast University. She is also an alumni of the Finland Futures Academy Program.  


Reanna Browne
Founder & Work Futurist


Adrienne O’Dell
Founder, Integrity & Impact Ventures Australia 


Ana Tiquia Founder, All Tomorrow’s Futures


Amanda Reeves
Founder, Wabi Sabi Futures