It’s 2023 and its business as un(usual). The new normal is post normal*.


Ongoing disruption, complexity, chaos and transformation are now standard characteristics of our time. Changes around our work, the workforce and our experience of work are no longer forecast, but are now our everyday reality.

Our context is evolving yet our assumptions, methods and processes used to guide our people and workforce decisions have not. They are losing fit for purpose.

The business has new demands, in a new world and our people and workforce practices are reaching an inflection point.

Embracing the futures of work has shifted from a nice to have ‘out there and then’ activity to a critical capacity ‘in here and now’.

Zia Sardar


If the futures of work are in here and now, so what? Now what?

What does this mean for what we do now? What are the pathways from our current thinking and practices? And how do we keep the lights on and lead our organisation towards more viable work futures, in the present?  

This is exactly the space we play.

︎︎︎ arm your with futures of work trends and insights that cut through the noise (WF Research)
︎︎︎ build your futures thinking capability (WF Learning)
︎︎︎ help you design concrete and practical 'future of work' pathways to action (WF Workshops + hands on support) and,
︎︎︎ help you rehearse and explore a range of potential futures of work in the present (WF Creative).